Hey there love muffins!

Here’s the last installment up my weekend catchup (as I enjoy a quiet and relaxing Sunday home with the boyf).


Anyone who lives in NY or nearby knows that there is always a good party happening somewhere…. the trick is knowing the right people to give you the scoop and the deets.  The EveryDay People Brunch IS THAT party with all of it’s fun and without the pretentious and stuck up stank!  You gotta love it— the food is good, the music is even better, everyone is dancing and having a good time, people are ooozing swag and giving fashion life… oh and your chances of randomly running into a celebrity are increased by like 100%.

This is the second one I’ve attended and let me tell you, this event is a sure recipe for a good time!

The brunch, which is co-founded and co-hosted by Chef Roblé and Saada Ahmed, started sometime last year as a monthly dance party in NYCs Lower East Side.   Since it’s then, the brunch has become so popular that they are now have them multiple times a month and are taking the party on the road.   So look out, there may be an EveryDay People coming to a City near you!  So far Roblé has posted about EP happenings going down in Texas, Cali, and Chi-town, just to name a few.

This weeks edition of brunch was epic as per the usual!  DJ Beverly Bond founder of Black Girls Rock who provided the soundtrack of ALLLLl soundtracks for the night and Solange and her boyf, Alan Ferguson were also seen in attendance.   A lot of good energy and always just a feel good situation.

Not able to make it to NYC, but want to experience the party? Look out for future episodes of QuÉricaTV… **nudge, nudge, wink, wink**

Here are highlights from the day including a magical paper napkin rose and some hot-shorts that I picked up from my homegurl Sunnie’s vintage line Biddies and Blokes after I left the brunch.  You will be seeing me in those a couple of times before summer ends #theyfitlikeaglove.  For the full album of the day’s happenings visit my QuÉrica By Erica Lasan Facebook page.  

Ps:  if you haven’t already, check out my QuÉricaTV interview with Sunnie of Biddies&Blokes here and her awesome line!)

Til next time, stay brunch-y!