Soooooo stoked!!! Gonna be checking out some fellow creative #Africans at the #BlayStudios presents: #MadeInAmerica #SuccessStoriesFromTheDiaspora! This event is going to be AMAZING! Panel includes professionals from the creative industry ranging from #NIKE to #ESSENCE and a last minute ticket sale is happening now— $20 for a day pass to the 3 Masterclass Workshops, something you dont want to miss if you are aspiring to get into the professional creative field here in NYC. Celebrate African success, creativity, and mentorship by registering at (or hitting up @kazzledazz ) for more information and tickets!!! :-) #nigerian #NYC #professional #workshops #networking

#lastnight with my love muffin. #Nigerian #wedding #bellanaija

6:30 AM and I’m just getting off of the phone with my sissy-poo @hershey_kissed_ after an over 5 hour long coversation. I put this photo collage together yesterday for #nationalsiblingday but didn’t post because I don’t need a made up holiday to tell my siblings how much I love and appreciate their presence in my life. I tell you guys everyday. So happy that God has blessed me with born best friends (though growing up it definitely took a while for us to figure it out), and I have been so proud to watch you all as you grow as intelligent, strong, and CREATIVE individuals! Thank you for being a constant source of encouragement, inspiration, weirdness, love, laughs, and belief in me even when I find it hard to believe in myself— you are truely my biggest cheerleaders— and I pray that I remain an example worthy of being called your [older sister] sibling, because I’m so lucky and BEYOND blessed to call you all mine. I love youuuuuuuuu @ericlasan @hershey_kissed_ @lasanbrian @ricenbroccli #lovenwords #love #familyfirst #family #siblings #sisters #brothers #blessed #TheLasans

IG FAMMM!!! Alert, alert! Today is the last day to purchase tickets for my raw artists showcase and I still have to sell about 10 more— so I’m calling in the recruits! Lol. More than likely I’m sure many of you you won’t be able to attend due to the face that you don’t live in the area, Lol. But for anyone who purchases a ticket in the next 2.5 hours I will personally mail you a #QuÉricaJewelry piece! Tix are $15 an don’t can be purchased at (the link in bio). THANKS FOR SUPPORTING THE CAUSE. You all are AMAHHHHHZING! Lol Please and schwanks. I ♡ you mucho mucho!

Compromising positions.

And repeat. #Take2: **e-twirl** So excited to shareeeee with you all! @blackandsxytv is coming to #NewYork! April 20th it’s going dooowwwnnn!!! #BlackAndSexyTV #blackandsexybaby cc: @bxelv

**e-twirl** So excited to shareeeee with you all! @blackandsxytv is coming to #NYC. April 20th it’s going dooowwwnnn! #TheUnderground #BlackAndSexyTV #blackandsexybaby

My younger brother is cooler than yours…. #justsayin

I know, I know….

I owe you a #QuÉricaMusicMonday post.  Unfortunately I have ABSOLUTELY NO space on my computer to do another vid right now.  :(  But don’t worry your pretty little faces, in the meantime I’ll do a #musicMonday something, somehow.

…Until then, I want to brag about my cool younger brother @brianlasan.  He IS SOOOOOO FREGGIN COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!! 



There’s this video floating around him, what inspires him, and how amazing he is yaaayaaayaaaa —> Check it out HERE.

Little broski SO very VERY VERYYYY proud of you, your artwork, and your unrelenting desire and drive to be great.  You are a daily inspiration to me. Everyone, pls share, like his page, and continue to support and follow his awesome. 


s/n: My broski is actually the one who introduced me to the RAW ARTISTS organization and encouraged me to register! Now My showcase is next week! You can PURCHASE YOUR tickets for my QuÉrica Jewelry at RAW ARTISTS presents SPECTRUM event next Thursday in Hoboken. I still need to sell 15! Tix need to be purchased by APRIL 10th (at

Gracias amores!


#homemade All veggie errythang (minus the bun). Eggplant veggie burger with baked sweet yam fries. #nomnom